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Plus: Chris Christie vows to end an enormously successful law, why cops haven't spoken out about Sandra Bland, and U.S. attorneys argue for more drug warring.

The head of Alaska's state law enforcement academy knows and appreciates the difference.

Plus: Oklahoma prosecutors use asset forfeiture for personal gain, how to help prisoners once they get out, and the criminalization of homelessness in L.A.



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Plus: Mass incarceration may actually cause crime, more prosecutor misconduct, and the ACLU sues to overturn Arizona's forfeiture laws

It's news worth celebrating -- and working into police officer training

Courts have allowed bite mark matching even though scientific evidence has failed to support its validity. Critics are increasingly speaking out and being taken seriously.

Plus: The moral failing of mass incarceration, another unarmed man killed by police, and Tennessee looks at lengthening prison terms.

This is what happens when you violate the blue code.

The criminal justice system keeps working to keep poor people poor

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