Plus: Gorsuch not big on the Sixth Amendment, New Orleans DA charges witnesses who say they were coerced by police, facial recognition and body cameras could mean mass surveillance.

NACDL report stresses transparency and accountability but warns against using the cameras for surveillance.

Adopting the "provocation doctrine" could help deter illegal police raids. But the court could also dispense with it altogether.

Plus: A crime lab scandal in Orlando, no charges for Miami prison guards who allegedly scalded a man to death, the FBI as sex police.

Prosecutors drop drug charges against Julian Betton after cops' account of the raid that paralyzed him is disproven

Bite mark analysts remain undefeated in court, winless when subjected to scientific scrutiny.

Plus: Utah lowers DWI limit to .05, massive increase in border searches of cellphones, judge says details of FBI spying on journalists can remain classified.

An ongoing roundup of President Trump's record on civil liberties

Citing false confessions, one of the largest police training companies in the country is ditching the "Reid technique."

Policies that mete out extra punishment to sex offenders are based on faulty assumptions about recidivism.

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