“It's scary. It’s like the ’60s, maybe worse. But I’m not afraid of it anymore — they can't do that much more to me.”

It would be nice if the president-elect didn’t strike up friendships with leaders who see extrajudicial killings as a best practice.

A rush to pass legislation targeting anti-Israel protests on campuses.

To blame the jury is to miss the larger, grotesque point.

This kind of monitoring is on the radar of law enforcement at all levels of government, and there's reason to be concerned.

President Obama has commuted a record number of sentences, but some say there are still problems with the clemency process.

As Donnie Myers heads to retirement, a federal court hands him a fitting reversal.

In Britain, there have been a few high-profile cases where police managed to disarm knife-wielding suspects.

His meeting with David Clarke brings to mind a troubling trend from the campaign.

How the ‘meth panic’ broke apart families, as prisoners now look to Obama to reverse sentencing disparities.

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