The presumptive attorney general, in his own words.

Plus: Mass. high court order charges dropped in drug cases tainted by lab analyst, media banned from Trump's D.C. hotel, and what's going on in Oregon?

A black South Carolina family is raided. The police don't find the massive drug stash they were looking for, but they take a small-business owner's cash anyway. All in a day's work.

Plus: Senator picks fight with Trump nominee over donation to civil liberties group, conservative magazine advocates a return to hangings, police beat deaf man for not following orders he couldn't hear.

The homicide rate and corrupt police department are inseparable.

A new paper argues that the justifications for protecting cops from liability don't add up.

Plus: The passing of Nat Hentoff, police survey yields predictable results, Justice Department reaches agreement with Baltimore about policing.

Here's what the Senate needs to ask Trump's nominee for attorney general.

The latest in busted doors, dead dogs and dead bodies.

The president's treatise in the Harvard Law Review only underscores how he missed a golden opportunity for reform.

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