Plus: Right-wing group honors cops who killed Freddie Gray, ACLU urges court to overturn tainted drug convictions, Nashville may ask cops to go door-to-door to police Airbnb regulations.

For the most part, the U.S. is as safe as ever. And where it isn't, sowing fear only makes things worse

Plus: Police shootings spark protests in Charlotte, Tulsa; forfeiture reform bill goes to Calif. governor; stop naming laws after crime victims.

A badge isn't a license to frame someone on false charges because you find them annoying.

The drug war marches on.

Plus: Pay raise for Eric Garner's killer, how fear drives police shootings, and how politics corrupts justice

He did what police officers are supposed to do -- put himself at risk to save a life.

Plus: The Attica uprising turns 45, teen pot use in decline, more outrage in Orange County.

But there's no guarantee that courts will follow

Deputies spent $26,000 in forfeiture money on undercover lap dances

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