• I’ve often seen my reporting co-opted by other publications without credit. So I try to acknowledge the reporters who originally broke stories that later make national news. So kudos to Denis C. Theriault at the Portland Mercury, who broke the story about the arrest of a 9-year-old that I posted about yesterday.
  • The Drug Enforcement Administration makes a nationwide sweep of busts for synthetic drugs.
  • In a lawsuit, the family of an Alabama teen alleges that Huntsville police set him up for a drug buy, then held him down and shoved a sharp object into his throat, allegedly to find a package of drugs they thought he had swallowed. He died. According to the lawsuit, the coroner has refused to give the family a copy of the autopsy report.
  • Ridiculous new Obama administration policy is to pretend that leaked information doesn’t exist.
  • A defense of the Smarter Sentencing Act.
  • Who has been the Supreme Court’s most consistent champion of the Fourth Amendment of late? The answer might surprise you.
  • Interesting look at the pushback against sex offender registries.
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