• A federal judge has asked for a federal investigation of allegations that internal affairs officers with the Denver Police Department and the sheriff’s department intimidated a witness in a civil rights lawsuit against the city.
  • Do you feel safer? San Antonio police engage in sting operations against Lyft drivers. Meanwhile, undercover cops in Florida arrest 10 would-be johns, including a man who offered a salad in exchange for oral sex. Let’s get these monsters off the streets.
  • An interesting discussion on what you should do if you spot kids left alone in a car. I think the unfortunate lesson from this discussion is that “calling the cops” would even be an option. It’s symptomatic of how we’re increasingly turning to the criminal justice system to address problems we could once resolve without someone ending up with a criminal record.
  • For your “criminalization of poverty” files: A woman dies alone in jail because she couldn’t pay fines associated with her son’s truancy.
  • Florida Department of Corrections officials continue to stonewall attempts to investigate allegations of mass inmate abuse, including at least one death.
Radley Balko blogs about criminal justice, the drug war and civil liberties for The Washington Post. He is the author of the book "Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America's Police Forces."