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Power outage at Mississippi federal prison

This seems like a problem:

An “unexplained power surge,” is to blame for the June 15th power outage at the Yazoo City Correctional Complex in Yazoo County. Power was restored to the complex except for Yazoo City Low Federal Prison, which remains without power. That prison houses more than 1700 inmates. News Channel 12 has questioned the Bureau of Federal Prisons as well as the complex about the outage but little explanation has been given after the Federal Correction Complex in Yazoo City loses power. Those with connections inside tell us News Channel 12, that’s unacceptable.

“Those conditions are just not favorable,” says Vincent Kirksey, Local 1013 Union President. He claims he has more than 430 workers inside the Yazoo City Low prison.

Tuesday, prison officials told us electrical engineers were working on the problem. But as time goes on concerns for inmates and prison workers increase. We’re told they’re already starting to feel the impact.

The union chief told WJTV that it could be eight to 10 weeks before power is restored. In the meantime, that means the prison will be without power and air conditioning, with temperatures expected to consistently reach into the 90s.