A couple of issues we track closely here at The Watch have recently been addressed by late-night television talk shows. That seems like progress.

The first clip is from Bill Maher’s HBO show and addresses police militarization.

One comment: Maher takes a swipe at conservatives for ignoring this issue. In fact, conservatives have been pretty vocal about it, especially over the past few years. Part of the reason for that is that militarization and SWAT team mission creep has expanded to start to affect conservative interests. But that’s politics. Progressives, who have also been vocal in warning about militarization in recent years, were dismissive of complaints about SWAT abuses by the ATF in the 1990s. Particularly over the past year, the loudest voices on this issue have come from libertarians, and from what you might call the anti-authoritarian factions on the right and left. But we’re starting to see at least a little concern even from the moderate D.C. establishment. That’s a good thing.

The second clip is from “The Daily Show” and looks at the legal absurdity of civil asset forfeiture: