An Orange County, Fla., mother and daughter have filed a lawsuit after an apparently mistaken 2010 drug raid.

The women, who didn’t want to be identified, said the Sheriff’s Office SWAT team came looking for a family member who didn’t live at the home back in 2010.

“I got up and went towards the door and literally once I went towards the door, boom!” the daughter said.

The woman was a minor at the time of the incident and said she was home alone when deputies showed up.

“I was 17. I was 5 feet 2 inches and 100 pounds wet,” she said. “And they came in shooting.”

The SWAT team apparently opened fire inside the home and a family dog was killed.

“The dog was startled and ran to the closet, to the room, and when he ran to the room is when they shot him,” she said.

An incident report states SWAT team mebers said the dog aggressively came toward them when they entered the house.

The undentified woman said she was also injured by bullets [in the] the shooting. Photos show wounds to her leg and apparent bullet holes in the floor and walls of the home.

The police later arrested the man they were looking for without incident. Supporters of these sorts of tactics often argue that they’re reserved for only the most dangerous and hardcore offenders. In this case, even though the police arrested their suspect, the charges against him were eventually dropped.