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Former tennis star James Blake was reportedly slammed to the ground, handcuffed and detained for about 15 minutes in New York City before police realized they had the wrong man in an identity theft ring. (Reuters)
  • Undercover New York Police Department officers slam ex-tennis pro James Blake to the ground, cuff him. They had the wrong guy. According to Blake, the officers didn’t identify themselves before attacking him, and he received no apology. They were looking for someone suspected of credit card fraud. Blake is black. The cop was white.
  • Drug Enforcement Administration agents have been impersonating medical boards to go fishing through your private medical files for evidence of illegal drug use. A spokesman says the agency has done this “thousands” of times.
  • Former NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly blames Bill deBlasio for the slight rise in NYC murders this year. Does that mean deBlasio also gets credit for the slight decline in shootings? Or the historic drop in overall crime?
  • The private prison company Corrections Corporation of America has made $49 million locking up undocumented children and their families.
  • “Los Angeles County has sentenced more people to death than five Southern states combined.”
  • No charges for the Virginia prison deputies who Tasered a woman four times while she was restrained. The woman died. Her death has been attributed to “excited delirium,” a condition we’ve covered previously at The Watch.
  • Photo of the day: Los Angeles.
(Radley Balko)