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  • Pennsylvania House passes bill that would require the names of police officers accused of excessive force to be kept secret, possibly indefinitely. The sponsor cited the usual “war on cops” nonsense in justifying the policy. This is a state legislature that has a history of shirking the pesky First Amendment.
  • In today’s previous post, I noted that New Mexico has passed one of the best forfeiture laws in the country. It requires a conviction before police and prosecutors can keep a suspect’s property. But apparently in Albuquerque, they’re simply ignoring the new law. That’s pretty brazen, although if you know the city’s history, it isn’t particularly surprising.
  • Attorney General Loretta Lynch acknowledges that there’s no data to support any alleged “Ferguson Effect.”
  • In all but 18 states, jail and prison authorities are still permitted to shackle pregnant women, including during labor.
  • Minneapolis mayor calls for federal investigation into the police shooting of Jamar Clark. Never know whether to look at such requests as an appeal to transparency and accountability or an admission that the local officials lack the courage (or the ability) to hold their own police accountable themselves.
  • Blacks report experiencing force during police encounters at 2.5 times the rate of whites.
  • Alaska Gov. Bill Walker will replace the state’s corrections commissioner after report cites widespread dysfunction in jails and prisons that has caused unnecessary deaths.
  • Photo of the day: The High Line in New York City.