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  • Today, medical marijuana patients will deliver to the DEA a petition with more than 100,000 signatures calling for the resignation of acting administrator Chuck Rosenberg. The action comes after Rosenberg called medical marijuana a “joke.”
  • Brennan Center analysis finds that the alleged “soaring” homicide rate in large American cities was mostly hype. There has been a slight increase over last year’s historic lows, but 2015 will end up about on pace with 2012, which at the time we considered incredibly low.
  • Some portions of the Black Lives Matter movement are aligning with a Bloomberg-founded gun control group. As I’ve pointed out here before, new gun control laws will almost certainly result in more and more disproportionate black incarceration. And, of course, Bloomberg was the champion of stop-and-frisk, which was also a gun control policy.
  • California law enforcement officers have illegally accessed the state’s criminal records database hundreds of times, in some of the more notable instances to stalk potential dates or love interests.
  • An FBI informant seduced an activist, persuaded him to join a bomb plot … and then the government lied about the entire affair. It’s hard to see how these manufactured terrorism cases make us any safer.
  • Los Angeles Times report finds mass misuse of Tasers by the U.S. Border Patrol, including dozens of incidents in which people were shocked despite posing no threat to agents.
  • New York Times investigation finds that Chicago police are rarely disciplined for misconduct. One officer has been the subject of 68 complaints and has never received so much as a reprimand. He was later convicted of robbing suspects and ordering a hit on a fellow officer.
  • Photo of the day: This isn’t how free societies should respond to protest: