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The latest in the world of botched police raids:

  • A Toledo, Ohio, man says the city’s SWAT team got the wrong house when it raided his home and killed his two dogs on Saturday. The police reportedly found a single pill . . . for high blood pressure. On Monday, local media said the SWAT team paid a visit to a children’s hospital dressed as superheroes including Captain America.
  • The Southaven, Miss., police department still refuses to release the names of the police officers who shot and killed Ismael Lopez in July. The officers shot Lopez after raiding the wrong address in search of a man suspected of assault.
  • In Georgia, an investigator for the Clayton County district attorney’s office went to the wrong house to serve a subpoena, then shot a dog at that house in the head. The investigator claims the dog was attacking him, but neighbors dispute his account of the incident.
  • In somewhat surprising news, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit has denied qualified immunity to the Pearl, Miss., police who raided the wrong house during a drug sting.
  • A federal judge allowed a lawsuit by a hip-hop club against Pompano Beach officials and the Broward County, Fla., sheriff’s office to proceed. The club alleges that police staged numerous drug raids at the club in full tactical gear, hurting its business.