Alex Kozinski in 2014. (J. David Ake/Associated Press)
Opinion writer
  • Federal appeals court judge Alex Kozinski has resigned amid a wave of sexual harassment allegations. The allegations themselves are brutal, and this is the correct outcome. But it’s also a depressing outcome because Kozinski, a Reagan appointee, was the most outspoken judge in the federal judiciary when it comes to criminal-justice reform. His replacement (which, alas, will be chosen by another public official facing allegations of serial sexual harassment) will almost certainly be worse.
  • This is an actual, factual sentence from a news story about the American criminal-justice system: “By a divided 2-1 vote, the court held that a reasonable police officer should have known it was unlawful to order a teenage boy to masturbate in front of him and other officers.” But only 2-1.
  • Philadelphia’s city council is trying to tell convenience store owners that they aren’t allowed to install bulletproof glass.
  • “The Myth of the Playground Pusher” — a deep dive into onerous and counter-productive “drug-free school zone” laws.
  • Med school grad buys Adderall over the Internet, gives one to his girlfriend. Turns out it wasn’t Adderall, but fentanyl. She overdoses and dies. Prosecutor charges boyfriend for her death. Boyfriend kills himself.
  • Baltimore police officials appear to have staged a fake interment after the death of a law enforcement officer. And this is merely the latest twist in an increasingly bizarre saga. President Trump and his supporters have frequently railed against undocumented immigrants. But don’t be fooled. This administration doesn’t like “legal” immigrants, either.
  • About a month ago, a Queens woman fell to her death during an NYPD prostitution sting. Now, her family alleges that before her death, an undercover cop had sexually assaulted her and was pressuring her to become an informant.