People lay flowers, write messages in chalk, and mourn the death of Philando Castile on July 8, 2016, in Falcon Heights, Minn. (Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post)
Opinion writer
  • A Kansas man wrongly imprisoned for 23 years will get no compensation from the state.
  • A charity set up in Philando Castile’s name has eradicated the school lunch debt for all of the kids at the school district where he worked.
  • There was another botched execution last month, this time in Alabama.
  • Philadelphia’s police unions are freaking out over newly elected, reform-minded District Attorney Larry Krasner. That’s probably a good thing.
  • Body-camera footage shows a San Diego police officer lied multiple times under oath about his citation of a homeless man.
  • Body-cam video shows an Asheville, N.C., police officer beating a man for jaywalking. The police chief is furious … not about the beating, but that someone leaked the video. The fact that city officials didn’t know about the beating until the video was leaked and posted by a newspaper shows why North Carolina’s law exempting body-cam footage from public records laws is pretty much the opposite of police accountability.
  • Report: Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials shackled 92 Somalis for a 40-hour deportation plane ride. The Somalis say they were forced to urinate on themselves, were beaten, and were subjected to threats.
  • A BuzzFeed investigation has found that hundreds of NYPD officers got to keep their jobs and pensions despite lying under oath, beating innocent people and other serious offenses.
  • Justice Neil M. Gorsuch provided the deciding vote in a case that will undermine the ability of prisoners to sue for abuse at the hands of prison guards.