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State would require a criminal conviction for law enforcement to seize and keep property.

Michigan police exploit medical marijuana law to seize property from sick people.

It will probably affect no more than 6 percent of revenue from such cases.

Praise, skepticism, and a lesson about the long, hard slog of reform.

The outgoing AG strikes a blow in favor of property rights, federalism.

The holidays in the era of asset forfeiture.

A GOP congressman from Michigan joins Rand Paul in a move to rein in the drug war tactic.

The Republican senator's crusade for criminal justice reform represents a remarkable shift in public discourse.

In Maryland, revelations that a K9 handler faked his dog's credentials, while in Texas, one town gets nearly 90 percent of its revenue from seized property.

Maher, The Daily Show take swipes at police militarization, asset forfeiture

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