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But there's no guarantee that courts will follow

Plus: Texas AG may rule on bite mark evidence, and an "innocence project for bears."

Convictions involved arson, bite mark and hair fiber testimony,

It's a major blow to bite mark analysis, but it isn't binding on the courts.

Prosecutors say bite mark matches former police captain, even as DNA tests on saliva from the mark exclude him.

But the office says the decision has nothing to do with the recent exonerations, studies, and criticisms casting further doubt on bite mark analysis

As more people are freed, the community of bite mark analysts prepares for a new round of scrutiny.

Another federal court finds bite mark matching problematic, but prevents a lawsuit.

Two recent court rulings illustrate how difficult it can be to sue for damages

Enlightenment thinkers would have been appalled by Scalia's opinion in Glossip.

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