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The Washington Post

The Burley sisters say they were raided, roughed up and verbally abused, but because they can't name the perpetrators, they won't get a fair day in court.

Congressman denounces Obama for using one of the few powers actually enumerated in the Constitution.

John Kerry has reportedly promised "law enforcement aid" to the Philippines president who has endorsed vigilante killing.

The only state in the country that requires transparency of its SWAT teams just released its report for 2015

Oklahoma police are using devices that can seize money from prepaid credit cards.

Aiken, S.C., cops had no reasonable cause for even the traffic stop, much less to violate the man's body.

Two dead, one injured in an Indiana raid over an arrest for possessing a syringe

Another "national security" power evolves into an everyday power.

A Post investigation finds D.C. police sometimes raid the wrong house.

Of the 47 false convictions for drug possession last year, 42 were in Houston. But Houston isn't the problem.

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