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The Washington Post

A badge isn't a license to frame someone on false charges because you find them annoying.

Cities and police departments that anticipate violence may end up causing it.

A husband and father is dead, and there's little to prevent if from happening again

Ruling says amateur photography, watchdogging aren't "expressive conduct" that's worthy of protection

Judge finds "officer discretion" includes clearing a wide peremeter of potential witnesses

More evidence that police aggression does more to create violence than to prevent it.

Court shoots down an eminent domain action, but upholds a ban on a sign protesting it

Man was arrested for recording a police encounter at Rittenhouse Square.

The measure bars convicts from speaking about their crimes.

The rap artist may be getting prosecuted for his lyrics. That's bad. But it's also difficult to discern exactly what's going on. That's even worse.

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