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Plus: Gorsuch not big on the Sixth Amendment, New Orleans DA charges witnesses who say they were coerced by police, facial recognition and body cameras could mean mass surveillance.

Plus: A crime lab scandal in Orlando, no charges for Miami prison guards who allegedly scalded a man to death, the FBI as sex police.

Plus: Utah lowers DWI limit to .05, massive increase in border searches of cellphones, judge says details of FBI spying on journalists can remain classified.

Plus: Video shows Tucson cop assaulting female protesters, 1 in 11 Kentucky residents has lost voting rights, and Colorado student expelled for rape that the alleged victim says never happened.

Plus: ACLU files suit against stop-and-frisk policy in Milwaukee, the ATF funds a secret bank account with shady cigarette sales, and states are still suspending driver's licenses for failure to pay court fines.

Plus: Majorities in all states oppose mass deportations, SCOTUS to hear challenge to banning sex offenders from social media, and ICE agents pose as local cops to trick undocumented immigrants

Plus: Texas woman gets eight years for voting, U.K. proposal could imprison journalists for receiving leaked information, nearly 9 in 10 Texans opposes forfeiture without a criminal conviction

Plus: NYPD cops using illegal license plate shields, Louisiana judge and Kentucky deputy accused of racist slurs, Alabama governor likens prison building to going to the moon.

Plus: Delaware prison uprising ends, Trump will inherit a powerful FBI, no change in pot use among Colorado teens.

Plus: Cops and the "cult of compliance," Sessions supports encryption backdoor, allegations of awful abuse at Wisconsin juvenile detention center.

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