Brenda Fitzgerald has largely avoided public attention, but now a senator is asking about her ability to fully perform the job.

The new paper tackles one of the biggest questions in gun research: how to measure the relationship between prevalence of guns and deaths.

Flu season started early this year. A reminder from infectious diseases experts: Flu is deadly and should be treated with healthy respect.

People who had to worry about every cut or bruise being potentially lethal now heal normally after a single treatment.

A former addict said the former doctor had cornered the illicit opioid market in that section of Illinois.

New research suggests focusing on liberty and purity to reach vaccine-hesitant parents.

Dozens of online apps now offer instant therapy for the lonely, the confused and the anxious.

It is the latest surgery aimed at improving life, not just saving it.

"The whole point of me being public . . . is to help people realize the damage that could be done,” Catt Gallinger said.

The 70-year-old's DNR tattoo left doctors grappling with ethical and legal questions. The patient died the next day at Miami's Jackson Memorial Hospital.

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