A few patients paralyzed by spinal cord injuries had an electrical stimulator implanted and underwent intensive physical therapy. They're taking their first steps in years.

The former vice president convenes a national meeting to continue the "cancer moonshot" work.

The move follows the recent retraction of six of Cornell professor Brian Wansink’s papers by the American Medical Association’s JAMA Network.

In May, Maurice Desjardins was given a face transplant — Canada's first.

Developing a vaccine for the next pandemic flu is the first problem. Getting it to people without increasing the spread of the virus is the next.

Xavier Cunningham was trying to escape yellow jackets when he fell from a treehouse — onto a metal meat skewer, his stepfather said.

The tumor, roughly the weight of an average-sized second-grader, has been removed at a Singaporean hospital.

A 55-year-old woman in Missouri developed a condition known as "black hairy tongue."

Paltrow's "lifestyle brand" must pay $145,000 in penalties as part of the settlement.

Medical professionals have since taken Gary Tigges to task on social media for views they say are discriminatory and ignorant of most research on the gender pay gap in medicine.

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