Because they deviate so far from the norm, these “exceptional responders” are often overlooked.

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The HPV vaccination rate for boys rose sharply last year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

EpiPens allow me to live without the fear that death might strike me in the middle of an ordinary experience — or an extraordinary one.

Researchers found that youth who'd been exposed to violence recently were more likely to have detectable levels of the virus.

A large clinical trial in Europe concluded that half of women with "high" risk, early-stage breast cancer might safely avoid chemo.

Fortune once described Heather Bresch's career as full of "ethically messy mishaps and public relations gaffes."

Eduardo D. Rodriguez, a surgeon at NYU Langone who led the team, said the recovery "surpassed all of our expectations,"

The most extensive face transplant surgery ever, performed one year ago, has been a resounding success. For the first time since the firefighter suffered severe burns 15 years ago, he can blink, swim, and go out in public without being stared at. Watch full news conference here.

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Two years ago, Donald Trump argued that American missionaries infected with Ebola "must suffer the consequences."

The prescription-only device, which delivers a rapid shot of epinephrine, a medication that can counteract a severe allergic reaction, is standard issue for millions of Americans.

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