Researchers also reported no significant association between egg consumption and cholesterol levels.

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They organize summer camps for athletic training and encouragement and engineer novel ways to make prosthetics using recycled plastics and new technologies.

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It can better to come alone, unless you’re sure you won’t mind the other person hearing often intimate details.

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Containment is still possible, but the window ‘is narrowing,’ the WHO chief said.

The college student's garbled 911 call is the latest tragedy to plague emergency call systems.

After tripping over a dog and falling, an X-ray had raised the possiblity of a cancer. So why had the intractable pain gotten better?

Constraint-induced movement therapy uses a cast or other restraint, along with other intensive therapy, on a child’s unaffected side to encourage use of impaired limb.

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In a recent TED talk, a clown practitioner talks about his touching experiences with patients, families and medical staff.

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CDC announces 28 have tested positive for the virus, a number expected to grow

Bempedoic acid will provide patients and doctors with another tool to fight heart disease, the number one cause of death worldwide.

Progress in cutting fatalities has stalled as opioids and stimulants reach new markets.

International experts say the disease will continue to spread globally even as the Chinese government seeks to present the image that it is coming to grips with the epidemic.

State Department chose to keep 14 infected passengers on planes flying to U.S.

China reported that the rate of new cases is declining, but international experts remained wary.

The patient was anxious about losing the motor skills key to her music, so she stayed awake and played for part of her procedure.

When people die of the coronavirus, it’s not just the virus that kills them — it's their own immune systems.

Experts say there are fewer incentives for agencies to deal with those who need extensive physical, occupational and speech therapy — and some are losing services.

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The team found that electric power plants were the biggest contributor to deaths related to pollution from other states.

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