Angie Barwise, who was diagnosed with the flu twice, died after complications associated with the virus.

After outcry from advocates, the university agreed to change the policy for its hospital, saying that it did “not reflect our values."

In the five months following Robin Williams's 2014 death, suicides by suffocation increased by nearly a third.

The transplant surgeon turned entrepreneur and philanthropist has been the subject of media investigations.

The agency now links the botanical substance, imported from Southeast Asia, to 44 deaths across the United States.

Researchers say noise pollution might increase the risk of heart disease, such as coronary artery disease, hypertension and heart failure.

The president's morning tweet conflated a single-payer health system with universal health care.

American sports fans are unlike those in other countries in a lot of ways.

The announcement that Anne Schuchat would take over as acting director gets a warm welcome on CDC's internal announcement board.

A senior scientist involved in the 10-year study said, “I have not changed the way I use a cellphone, no.”

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