Nine-year-old Jacob Thompson died Sunday, four years after he was diagnosed with Stage 4 neuroblastoma.

The lead researcher for the British study said women should try to fall asleep on their side but not worry too much if they wake up on their back.

What James Dempsey's family saw on the recording made them sue his nursing home.

“We are absolutely not saying that marijuana killed that child,” one of the study's authors said.

More than a dozen gene manipulation clinical trials are underway for conditions like hemophilia and sickle cell disease.

American Heart Association President John Warner had a minor heart attack during the organization's annual conference on cardiovascular science.

Consumers are increasingly using the herbal supplement for pain, anxiety and depression, as well as symptoms of opioid withdrawal.

Readers had a lot of great questions about The Washington Post's trip with the CDC team searching for origins of the deadly virus in the Congo rain forest.

Sex isn't as strenuous as people think. One expert says it's equivalent to walking up two flights of stairs.

About half of adults in the U.S. will be considered hypertensive under the new guidelines, compared to a third now.

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