"It's hard to explain,” the late-night host said of Billy Kimmel's condition, known as Tetralogy of Fallot.

The Republicans' proposal would allow states to request waivers from key ACA requirements.

In harrowing journal entries, Linda Bishop, homeless and mentally ill, chronicled her own death from starvation.

Cancer, neuroscience and other NIH projects get additional funding in the fiscal year 2017 budget passed Sunday.

Don’t let quick decisions limit treatment options, an expert advises. “Take some time."

Extraordinary altruists see no difference between strangers and people they are close to.

World Health Organization rapid-response teams have been sent to the area to investigate the unexplained illness, which does not appear to be Ebola.

Yellow fever is a deadly viral disease spreading in Brazil, Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo and other countries.

Scott Gottlieb's confirmation appears likely, despite Democratic concerns about his past relations with industry.

A clinical trial released Wednesday in the journal Lancet shows that a single injection of an old drug might reduce a woman's risk of death from postpartum bleeding by 30 percent.

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