The latest American doctor to be infected with the deadly Ebola virus is being flown to the U.S. for treatment at the Nebraska Medical Center in Ohama.

Richard Sacra, a missionary doctor with SIM, is expected to arrive Friday, according to a statement from SIM USA.

As The Washington Post reported Wednesday, SIM USA officials said Sacra has been in good spirits and is regularly communicating with his wife, Debbie, via e-mail and phone. She said during a Thursday news conference that the doctor who had put her husband on the plane said he is clearly sick, "but he is in very good spirits, and he walked onto the plane. We are really encouraged by that news and looking forward to reuniting with him."

During a news conference early Thursday evening from University of Massachusetts Medical School, Debbie Sacra said that "when left at the beginning of August, we understood that there was a risk he could become sick with this deadly virus, but I knew he needed to go and be with the Liberian people who needed a hospital to open."

Debbie Sacra also relayed her husband's words: "The need of West Africa is desperate and there are resources that can be deployed to make sure that all health- care workers have enough gloves, and gowns ... to protect themselves from hospital-Ebola exposure."