The Ebola-stricken aid worker arrived in Atlanta from West Africa on a specially equipped "air ambulance"  Sept. 9. The patient was driven from the airport to Emory University Hospital, then whisked into a state-of-the-art isolation and treatment facility.

The hospital declined to release any further information, citing confidentiality policies. There was no mention of where or how this person had become infected, or who this person was working with in West Africa, or where the patient was from. The patient has never been identified publicly.

Emory also remained tight-lipped about how the patient was doing, declining for five weeks to provide any updates.

But on Wednesday, as health officials announced that an Ebola-stricken nurse would be transported from Dallas to Emory for treatment, the patient released a statement through the hospital.

“Given the national focus on Ebola, particularly with the diagnosis in two health-care workers, I want to share the news that I am recovering from this disease, and that I anticipate being discharged very soon, free from the Ebola virus and able to return safely to my family and to my community," said the patient, who asked Emory for continued anonymity.

"As a result of the virus, my condition worsened and I became critically ill soon after I arrived at Emory. Through rigorous medical treatment, skillful nursing, and the full support of a health-care team, I am well on the way to a full recovery.

"I want the public to know that although Ebola is a serious, complex disease, it is possible to recover and return to a healthy life. I wish to retain my anonymity for now, but I anticipate sharing more information in future weeks as I complete my recovery.”

Emory, which expects to admit the Texas nurse  Wednesday night, previously treated and discharged two patients who contracted Ebola while working on aid missions in Liberia.

Texas doctor Kent Brantly and North Carolina missionary Nancy Writebol were both released from the hospital in August after being treated at Emory. Both received an experimental Ebola treatment, ZMapp.

The hospital hasn't yet released any details about the current patient's treatment.