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Rick Ross has endorsed pears! Here’s how to eat like a rapper.

Shout out to all the pear. (Victoria Will/Invision/AP)

Rapper Rick Ross has eaten a pear. And the pear was good. It was glorious. In fact, he attributes his recent weight loss (100 lbs and counting) in part to the benefit that pears impart.

"I eat pears now and [expletive] like that," he explained to DJ Tim Westwood in an interview this year. "Shout out to all the pear." That line, captured in this magical Vine, has gone viral, boosting the profile of this often overlooked fruit.

The pear emoji has since flooded Ross's Instagram account. And while USA Pears spokeswoman Kathy Stephenson tells Modern Farmer that the celebrity plug hasn't yet resulted in a boost in pear sales, the social media traffic has been excellent. USA Pears has gotten more followers on Twitter as a result, Modern Farmer writes.

"On behalf of our 1,600 pear growers from the Northwest region, we are pleased that Rick has mentioned the health benefits of pears,” Stephenson said. "Overall, we could not be more pleased with our message being delivered to a new, young and hip demographic."

Changing up your diet often isn't enough for dramatic weight loss; Ross also played up the benefits of exercise, specifically CrossFit, which he has dubbed RossFit. "I still eat the way I want to eat. I just go to the gym. ... You know, the most I used to do for exercise is stand up and count the money," he said. "But they give me fruit to eat. I forgot what fruit tasted like."

All of this got us to thinking: What other healthy foods have received a rapper endorsement? Here's a non-definitive list on how to eat both well and like a rapper, with some food-rapper pearings inspired by Ross:

Ripe vegetables, fresh fruit, whole wheat, fresh-squeezed orange juice:

This is about as healthy as you're gonna get in the world of rap. Dead Prez flatly tells its audience to "be healthy, y'all" in this PSA for living a better life. The rappers provide a litany of healthy items to consume in "Be Healthy," as well as some more, um, controversial items which I do not endorse as being good for you. "They say you are what you eat/So I strive to be healthy. My goal in life is not to be rich or wealthy," they rap. "'Cause true wealth comes from good health, and wise ways/We got to start taking better care of ourselves." Here's the song (explicit words ahead):


MF Doom put out a food-inspired album called "Food," and in the track "Beef Rap," he discusses the conflict that can exist in the world of rap. It's called beef. He's got some advice about too much beef in your life. Here's the counsel, bestowed by MF Doom, rap nutritionist: "I suggest you change your diet/It can lead to high blood pressure if you fry it/Or even a stroke, heart attack, heart disease/It ain't no starting back once arteries start to squeeze."

Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States, and yes, people who eat too much red meat increase their risk for cardiovascular disease.

Asparagus, beets:

A Tribe Called Quest has firmly come out against ham and eggs in the song "Ham n' Eggs." Why? "'Cause they're high in cholesterol." Yes, the word "cholesterol" is in the chorus of a well-regarded hip-hop song.

But, more importantly, the rappers talk about what they do eat. And I quote: "Asparagus tips look yummy, yummy, yummy." Also: "Apple sauce and some nice red beets/This is what we snack on when we're questin'/No second guessing."

I am second-guessing the combination of apple sauce and beets, but hey, something to try at home, I guess:

Bacon and/or sausage:

Ice Cube had converted to Islam in the 1990s, the same decade he released "It Was a Good Day." In that song, he declares: "Mama cooked the breakfast with no hog," an apparent nod to his religious inclination at the time. But also perhaps not the worst health advice? Sure, bacon is delicious, but it contains a lot of fat, and Americans consume lots of it. (Although bacon and eggs may be a better health bet than pancakes, so.)


2 Chainz is reallyinto food, as his Instagram account beautifully demonstrates. He also raps a lot about food. Making an appearance on the Sean Paul song "Entertainment," 2 Chainz declares: "Milk the game/lactose."

The nutritional value of plant-based milk varies, with some having less calories and sugar than dairy milk; but milk from cows contains more vitamin D and calcium. Others are wary of dairy milk and question whether it actually makes people healthier.

But wait, what is this: Cheese? Is that cheese I spot on your pasta, 2 Chainz? What ever happened to being lactose-intolerant? Well, this grilled chicken breast and quinoa combo looks like it's quite good for you, lactose or not. Way to stay healthy, 2 Chainz. Rick Ross would be proud.