(Rick Bowmer/AP)

Pizza will have its biggest day of the year Sunday, when the New England Patriots take on the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX. It's a good bet that beer and chips will do pretty well, too.

Now it appears that medical marijuana may enjoy more than a wee bit of popularity Sunday evening, at least in the state of Washington, home of the Seahawks.

A Seattle television station reports that Solstice, a purveyor of medical marijuana, is working overtime to produce 12,000 pre-rolled joints for Super Bowl Sunday orders. The special edition “12th Pack” promotion sold out in 15 minutes after Solstice released a slick video offering the product, a play on the “12th man” nickname of Seattle fans, who are so loud in their home stadium that scientists measure the vibrations they create with seismographs.

“We want to bring something loud to the loudest fans in the NFL,” the video on Solstice’s Web site declares, before showing footage of cheering fans interspersed with its product being stuffed into cigarettes.

Katy Filippone told KING5 that she’s rolling about 180 to 220 joints in an eight-hour shift at Solstice, double her normal pace. Joe Santucci, another employee, said the outfit was caught unprepared and has moved everyone over to preparing 12th Packs.

“We definitely weren’t ready for the speed of it,” Santucci said. “We’ve had to switch everything over. We have stopped trimming. We have stopped packing capsules.”

By next season, Solstice plans to sell 12th Packs for recreational users.