Sabra Dipping Co., which makes the top-selling brand of hummus in the United States, has voluntarily pulled 30,000 cases of hummus — about 360,000 containers nationwide — from stores after s sample tested positive for the potentially deadly bacterium Listeria monocytogenes.

Listeria infection can be particularly dangerous to young children, the elderly and people with weak immune systems. It causes nausea, abdominal  pain, diarrhea, fevers and severe headaches even among the otherwise healthy. In pregnant women, it can cause miscarriages or stillbirths, according to the Food and Drug Administration. 

A random hummus sample collected by a state agency at a retail location in Michigan on March 30 led to the recall.

This is the second recall related to Listeria concerns this week. Blue Bell Creameries expanded a recall of its products as part of a continuing effort to mitigate fears first raised last month about contamination linked to a production facility Oklahoma.

Most recently, the company recalled pints of banana pudding ice cream this week, and other products that were produced at a plant in Broken Arrow, Okla.

Contaminated Blue Bell products were linked to three deaths at a Kansas hospital in March. 

A spokesman for Sabra said the company was told on April 7 that a container of hummus tested positive for Listeria. The recall affects five SKUs of hummus out of 80 classic hummus SKUs the brand sells nationwide.

Here's the full list:

UPC/SKU Item Use by Dates Affected Areas
040822011143 / 300067 Sabra Classic Hummus 10 oz 3 059 Best Before May 11, 2015
3 060 Best Before May 15, 2015
040822014687 / 300074 Sabra Classic Hummus 30 oz 3 059 Best Before May 11, 2015 US
040822342049 / 301216 Sabra Classic Hummus without Garnish 32oz 3 059 Best Before May 11, 2015 US
040822017497 / 301290 Sabra Classic Hummus 17oz Six Pack 3 058 Best Before May 11, 2015
3 059 Best Before May 11, 2015
040822342209 / 301283 Hummus Dual Pack Classic/Garlic 23.5oz 3 058 Best Before May 11, 2015 US

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