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A class of hormones known as POMC peptides, which regulate body weight, acts differently in male and female mice, researchers found.

The cold weather and the hard work of shoveling snow create what one cardiologist calls a "perfect storm" for heart attacks.

Something happens when people watch themselves eat unhealthy foods, study finds

One of the most controversial ideas in medical science today is whether people can really be fat and fit. That is, is weight in itself a marker of health -- or simply a suggestion of a person's physical fitness?

You might want to hold on to your money if you're considering one of the high-end brands for your next pair.

Think the law protects the privacy of personal health info collected through apps, wearables and other technology? Think again.

New research showing early heart disease in obese children

You may want to reconsider keeping that standing desk after all.

Standing is no better for a person who otherwise isn't physically active, the British researchers found.

The American Heart Association currently recommends 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise each day.

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