CDC's latest warning about lettuce from southwest Arizona urges consumers to avoid any romaine if they don't know where it was grown.

The agency now links the botanical substance, imported from Southeast Asia, to 44 deaths across the United States.

Experts debate the health effects of diet soda and its possible role in stroke, dementia and weight gain.

All deaths happened within a month of the procedure, the FDA said in a letter earlier this week to health-care providers. However, what role the balloons played, if any, in the deaths has not been determined.

The Georgia program that Brenda Fitzgerald led makes little mention of the problems with sugary soft drinks, putting her at odds with research and many health experts.

The practice of placenta-eating has gone mainstream and that's a problem, experts say.

Fred Kummerow's research likely helped thousands of people avoid heart disease.

The rising rates of colorectal cancer among young and middle-aged adults are raising questions about whether screening should routinely start earlier than age 50.

The colorless, caustic liquid can create a gas bubble that blocks blood vessels in the heart, brain, lungs or other parts of the body.

Lisa Brown fought to gain weight for six years before finally dying this weekend.

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