(Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post)

Everyone knows that biking and brewskis go together (within reason).

So it was probably only a matter of time before a Northern Virginia microbrewery ended up on a national beer aficionado’s map for bicyclists.

Old Ox Brewery, which is in Ashburn just off the Washington & Old Dominion Trail, appears this month in BeerAdvocate’s list of bicycle-friendly breweries in the United States.

The magazine ranges as far afield as the Colorado-based Oskar Blues Brewery near Pisgah National Park in North Carolina to breweries such as Bear Republic off California’s Joe Rodota Trail. It says that the renaissance in craft brewing has occurred side by side with renewed interest in bicycling. The folks at Washingtonian also connected the dots around the nation’s capital.

“We always recognized the power of the trail. It was always in our plan to do our best to be a trail-friendly brewery,” Old Ox Brewery President Chris Burns said in an interview this week.

From the first, the family-owned brewery capitalized on its proximity to the W&OD trail, signing on to provide way-station comforts for trail users in exchange for putting up its signage. The brewery even offers bike tools for repairs, Burns said.

“So long as our doors are open, anyone is welcome to come use our facilities,” Burns said. In addition, he said, the Green Lizard Cycling shop in Herndon organizes rides to the brewery and back, often at twilight.

It goes without saying that the same rules apply for bikers as they do for motorists when it comes to drinking alcohol and driving. More than 900 people died in bicycle crashes in 2013, and nearly a half-million were injured, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s most recent data.

Nearly 1 in 4 of those dead bicyclists had blood alcohol levels that would have put them over the legal limit for impaired driving, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says.  Thirty-seven percent of fatal bicycle crashes involved a bicyclist or motorist who had been drinking.

“It’s the exact same as operating a car, as far as the way you should consume,” Burns said. “You should always be responsible no matter if you’re on two wheels pedaling or in four wheels behind the [steering] wheel of a vehicle.”

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