Bless the people who gave us Monty Python because these are the people who now give us #BagelGate.

Of course, the Brits also have also given us the Magna Carta, pithy Anglo Saxon verbs, Harry Potter and all that other stuff, but it was early Sunday when a bunch of train passengers started putting bagels on the heads of other passengers, and #BagelGate was born.

Not everyone was in on the fun, as is apparent from watching the two minutes or so of video that a passenger aboard the train posted to Twitter. It’s been shared more than 12,000 times and counting. Plenty of others posted, too.

As the videos show, things got a little out of hand, some of the aforementioned Anglo Saxon verbs were bandied about, and police were summoned. British Transport Police (BTP) boarded at the Potters Bar station in Hertfordshire, and it should be noted that they entered the car exactly as you might expect a headmaster to enter a rowdy classroom.

“Anyone know who’s involved?” the bobby (do they still call the police that?) asks coolly. “This train isn’t moving till I find out.”

Unflappable — and not hard to imagine some U.S. law enforcement behaving a bit more excitably, what with all our pepper spray, armored cars, and other left over army surplus police get to use these days.  Metro, you’ll recall, once arrested a kid for having french fries.

The Telegraph reports that the early morning Great Northern service from King’s Cross to Huntingdon was held for 18 minutes so that police could take statements. Later, the BTP, using the hashtag #BagelGate, issued a bit of drollery: “Let’s be clear, no bagel should be treated so cruelly. And no one subjected to intimidating behaviour. Ever need us text 61016.”

Here’s hoping that no one got into too much trouble for indulging in a bit of fun and perhaps a cultural weakness, given their love of monarchy. You can’t blame a Brit for crowning everything they see with whatever they find at hand.

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