Police say Kenneth Johnson admitted to punching a 14-month-old after becoming frustrated by the child's crying.

"Adam and Ethan were little bundles of energy,” a neighbor said of the slain Colorado children. "This is a real tragedy.”

The U.S. Coast Guard spent days searching for Richard Ohrn. He later turned up in Palm Beach County, and admitted faking his own disappearance.

After shooting his girlfriend, investigators say Terrell Walker turned his gun on the teen trying to help her.

Mandy McGowan, who was filmed on the floor of a Family Dollar store as her daughter tried to wake her, was arraigned on a child endangerment charge.

A murder charge filed in 1973 was mysteriously dismissed. Decades later, Joey Abernathy's mother and half-sister successfully pushed to get the case reopened.

As tensions over police shootings rise, police groups argue against releasing the officers' names, while activists want the information immediately.

"Grand Theft Auto is not the way to learn how to drive,” an Ontario Provincial Police spokesman said.

"My reaction was one of extreme happiness and overwhelming nausea," Keith Papini said in the statement.

Isidro Zarate intervened when he saw a man pulling a woman's hair and beating her.

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