The defendant is challenging his conviction in a fatal shooting at a Chicago gas station.

Anna Sorokin conned her way into Manhattan’s wealthy elite. Now she’s heading to prison.

The referendum was the first in the country to consider changing the status of psilocybin mushrooms, which some say could have positive effects on depression, pain and addiction.

Proponents say “magic mushrooms” can help with depression, chronic pain, addiction, PTSD and anxiety. Opponents say too much is unknown and don't want Denver to be a drug hotspot.

“They said she was the bravest, strongest girl they’ve ever seen. She was talking. She wasn’t crying,” Glendale police Sgt. John Roth told the Associated Press.

Anna Sorokin, who for years targeted the wealthy to fund her invented lifestyle, was convicted Thursday of grand larceny and theft of services.

It’s a disturbing development in a case that captured national attention and prompted a feverish search effort that included the FBI and more than a dozen police departments.

The cyclist was not seriously hurt, and Fairfax County police said he was riding the wrong way on Route 1.

In 1991, Caleb Hughes was sentenced to 50 years for abduction with intent to defile. But Va. law allows prisoners sentenced before 1995 'good conduct' credit, and so Hughes must be released in August.

Sgt. 1st Class Kai Waters said she was terrorized, and bumped, by another driver, then stabbed the other driver when confronted at a gas station.

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