California's moratorium on capital punishment, combined with the drastically reduced use of it in states around the country, may signal the end of the death penalty in America.

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Police said the slaying of Francesco "Franky Boy" Cali was captured on surveillance video after he was lured outside when his parked car was hit. Experts say it's the first high-profile mob hit since 1985.

Winston L. Scott was wrongly convicted of rape in Fairfax County, Va., but it took a retesting of his DNA in recent years to prove his innocence.

Brian Reynolds, publisher of the Loudoun Tribune, was also a close associate of Loudoun County Sheriff Mike Chapman in his 2015 reelection campaign.

There's still no decision on charges or release of officers' names in the November 2017 police-involved shooting.

Jody LeCornu was shot to death in 1996, and no one has ever been charged. Her twin sister continues to push for leads that might solve the case.

The 12-year-old stood her ground when confronted by a small town police chief who told her it was illegal to film him and post it on the Internet. Patagonia, Ariz., offered full apology.

Surveillance footage revealed how the girl suffered an injury that required seven sutures. Police are looking into the incident.

Fort Pierce, Fla., police officer Doug McNeal captured the afternoon ride on his body camera, which was fixed beneath his car’s rearview mirror and trained on the back seat.

A group of New Jersey students lobbied Congress to create a panel which would review cold case files from the and release the files publicly. It may be the first time a high school class successfully crafted a bill which passed Congress.

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