Police were called to a home in the Detroit area on July 13 to help with a problem, but the situation took a turn when officers asked for identification.

Chrys Cline was arrested the same day by law enforcement after officers checked his name and discovered that he was wanted for missing court dates during the summer of 1989.

In a Facebook video that has been viewed more than 36,000 times, Cline’s daughter Trillion Wright appears stunned that the officers were able to arrest her father in connection with events that happened 29 years ago.

“You have to admit this is stupid, officer,” Wright says in the video.

Cline told The Washington Post that he feared going with the officers because he thought they were mistaken. But when he saw his daughter’s reaction, he changed his mind.

“I almost cried because my daughter was all upset,” Cline said. “But I figured it’s time to get this resolved, but I didn’t want to go to jail.”

The orders are for three criminal charges — larceny, retail fraud and receiving stolen property, according to Maria Miller, a spokeswoman for the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office. Miller told The Post that there is no statute of limitations because Cline has already been charged.

“Since [Cline] has three outstanding criminal cases, he will have to appear in court, and there will be new court dates set up for him to appear on [those] cases,” Miller said in an email.

After initially being released by law enforcement, Cline was later asked to turn himself over to Detroit police in connection with a 1989 criminal matter, according to ABC affiliate WXYZ.

Cline lives with his daughter because of injuries suffered in a 2016 car accident, according to Wright.

She is concerned that if her father turns himself in to police, authorities will not ensure that his medication is properly administered.

“I’m not going to risk that,” Wright told The Post.

Wright said Cline is afraid of leaving his home because he fears being stopped by authorities.

Her dad “feels like a prisoner” in his home, Wright said.

In Wright’s Facebook video, officers say Cline was taken in for car theft. The Post was unable to verify the existence of an outstanding warrant for car theft. It is unclear which department arrested Cline and how long he was detained. It also was unclear what brought police to Cline and his daughter’s home.

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