And why an originalist liked the Gilmore Girls revival more than the Star Wars sequel.

Legal scholars suggest a variety of movie plots involving constitutional crises. But the more serious danger to constitutional democracy lies elsewhere.

Some good ideas for Hollywood.

Food for thought about our present moment.

The US would do well to follow New Zealand's lead, and even go farther towards legalizing organ markets.

"I would be impeded in my ability to [fully] assess the reliability and credibility of the evidence ... if I am not afforded the opportunity of being able to see [the witness's] face when she gives evidence."

"Donald Trump understands ... [that he may even have to make an example of a runaway company by sending in the tax auditors or the OSHA inspectors or cancelling a big government contract. It won’t matter that, two years later, these highly publicized retaliations are thrown out by a federal judge somewhere. Most companies won’t want to risk such threats to their 'brands.'"

Another puzzling decision from Magistrate Judge James Orenstein of Brooklyn.

The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom is about to decide: May the Brexit referendum take effect without a vote of Parliament?

President-elect Trump "promised to Repeal Obama care" and "also promised to deport the illegal aliens" but "has not yet repealed Obama care nor deported illegals." And his wife is a "born Communist from Russia."

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