"She's basically violating the Iowa Constitution."

Digital probes on the side of the road; the murder of a young informant; and a forfeiture challenge filed minutes late means the DEA can keep $100k in cash.

A somewhat different take than Jonathan's on the Capitol painting controversy.

Obama's reversal of longstanding policy welcoming Cuban refugees fleeing oppression is both unnecessary and unjust.

College students are not the only ones who try to suppress speech they find offensive.

One of the 16 cases the Supreme Court agreed to hear concerns the controversial "waters of the United States" rule.

"On August 30, 1982, Dr. Ayyadurai was legally recognized by the United States government as the inventor of email through the issuance of the first U.S. Copyright registration for 'Email,' 'Computer Program for Electronic Mail System.'" Nope -- that's not the way copyright works.

"That Time I Turned a Routine Traffic Ticket into the Constitutional Trial of the Century"

Could BuzzFeed be liable for publishing the Trump dossier (if the dossier's allegations prove false)? Could I be liable for publishing unsubstantiated allegations about you that someone e-mailed to me?

The conference focused on a timely subject and included legal scholars with a wide range of views.

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