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Actual Hacky Sack champion (and who knew there was such a thing?) not harmed by portrayal of fake Hacky sake champion in parody TV commercial.

The final version of my new article, drawn from a keynote address at a recent symposium, is now available online.

Virginia gun law compromise is a sensible win for gun rights and for gun regulation.

"A bill proposed in the Knesset last year would have required that at least one woman be on the list of recommended nominees, but the government coalition partner United Torah Judaism party vetoed the bill fearing it might set a precedent for Jewish religious court judges."

One of the professors was the adviser to the student newspaper that published the university president's plan "to cull 20 to 25 students from the freshman class deemed unlikely to succeed in the first weeks of school in order to improve the college’s retention numbers and thus its rankings."

A funny provision in the Amazon Web Services terms of use.

"It is that time of year again when those of us who [support the ACLU] . . . receive an annual fundraising letter . . . accompanied by an annual National ACLU Workplan. . . . Surprisingly, protecting free-speech freedoms is not listed as one of this year’s 'critical civil liberties' issues."

A new study of several hundred largely identical lawsuits shows a disturbing variation in outcomes.

The interdisciplinary journal "Critical Review" has published a symposium on my book "Democracy and Political Ignorance: Why Smaller Government is Smarter." It includes contributions by several reading scholars, and my response to the critics.

A brief backgrounder on the Clean Power Plan and the legal challenges to it.

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