Cathy Young rightly criticizes the "cultural appropriation" objections to a white artist's painting of Emmett Till.

Can you find anything odd in this court order?

What will happen when the blue states decide they don't want to keep subsidizing the red states?

At last! A knowledgeable critique of originalism.

That's from a New York Times headline -- but the same study reported that 35% of colleges saw an increase in foreign applicants (compared to 39% that saw a decrease).

Gorsuch's e-mails reveal that he strongly opposes a terrible Supreme Court property rights decision praised by Donald Trump.

You might think it's something you'd see shown on the cover of a romance novel set in the early 1800s, but it's actually ....

Something I learned while filing the Keefe v. Adams amicus brief.

A split 2-1 8th Circuit decision says "yes," even for speech that isn't part of the college curriculum.

No $1.8 million award for needle-fearing pharmacist, no $500,000 sanction for lawyers who goofed on diversity jurisdiction and no 131.75 years before possibility of parole for juvenile offender.

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