It's the right result, in my view, although I have problems with a chunk of the reasoning in the court's opinion.

A California required IMDb to take down such information when a subscriber to IMDB's Pro service so demanded; but a federal district judge has just granted a preliminary injunction blocking the enforcement of the law.

Trump's original Executive Order banning travel from certain majority-Muslim countries is unconstitutional because it violates Due Process and Equal Protection. Any revision is likely to continue to be so.

She will be the first woman to lead the nation's highest-ranked law school. Also, the first federalism scholar to do so. Gerken is a leader in that field, and has sought to persuade liberals that federalism has greater value than many think.

"We just fundamentally do not believe that you should have to apply to the government for permission to try to save your own life."

An interesting and significant case testing when Congress can insulate federal government action from judicial review.

Prayers at public meetings, the right to record the police, and discrimination against a pro-marijuana legalization student group.

A police agency with a search warrant copied a suspect's iPhone, and it then gave a copy to another agency in an unrelated case in the spirit of "collaborative law enforcement among different agencies." But a federal judge ruled that the second agency can't look through the copy unless it first gets its own search warrant.

Conservative and libertarian critics of Trump are more popular on the left and less on the right than they were before - even if they advocate the exact same positions as previously.

Is government use of malware to obtain a user's IP address a Fourth Amendment "search"? On appeal, it seems, the government has dropped the argument that it's not.

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