So suggests D.C.'s stipulation in the Second Amendment challenge to the stun gun ban.

A personal recollection of my former boss, mentor, and friend.

The Palestinian effort to expel Israel clubs from FIFA threatens to politicize the organization. It is also based on concocted claims about law - from international law, to the FIFA constitution.

The latest edition of the Institute for Justice’s weekly Short Circuit newsletter, written by John Ross.

Trump's expanded Supreme Court does not alter any of the reasons why he's a menace to our constitutional values. No one should trade in their principles for this particular mess of pottage.

A federal judge had said that the law likely violated the First Amendment, in a case brought by the Firearms Policy Coalition.

My thoughts on Yale Prof. David Schleicher's analysis of ways to help the poor by reducing obstacles to mobility.

The short-handed court was unable to decide whether the accommodation to the contraceptive mandate violates religious liberty. Due to the intricacies of ERISA, the lower courts are now stuck with an intractable task.

Never heard of the Emoluments Clause? Join the club, or read the exchange between two law professors about whether it was implicated by gifts to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary Clinton served as secretary of state.

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