• Apologies for the late notice, but at noon today, I will be speaking today on “Popular Sovereignty and Judicial Review” at Columbia Law in NYC.  Professor David Pozen will comment. (This is a version of a talk I gave last semester at Valparaiso, NYU & Michigan.)
  • At noon next Thursday (2/6), I will be speaking on the same topic at the University of Chicago School of Law, where my commentator will be my fellow blogger Will Baude.
  • Then at noon on Thursday (2/20), I will be speaking on “Why the NSA Bulk Data Seizure Program is Unconstitutional” at the California Western School of Law in San Diego. Professor Daniel Yeager will introduce.
  • At 1pm on Friday, February 28th, I will be participating in a Yale Law Review Symposium on “The Meaning of the Civil Rights Revolution,” which is organized around on Bruce Ackerman’s latest volume in his “We the People” series, which covers the Civil Rights Revolution.  I will be on the kick-off panel with  professors Pam Karlan, Sandy Levinson & David Strauss.  My symposium paper is entitled “We the People: Each and Every One.”
  • Finally, on Friday, March 7th, along with co-blogger Stewart Baker, I will be on a panel at the Federalist Society National Student Symposium at the University of Florida law school, discussing “Cybersecurity and the NSA.” I suspect Stewart and I may have some minor disagreements.

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