Here are some upcoming speaking engagements I will be doing in February. My understanding is that all of them are open to the public:

February 10, New York University School of Law, 1:15-3:00 PM: Symposium on Richard Epstein’s book, The Classical Liberal Constitution, “Deciding What Rights the Constitution Protects” (panel with Thomas Merrill, Daryl Levinson, Deborah Malamud, and Steven Menashi).

February 13, Indiana University School of Law Bloomington, IN (sponsored by the IU Federalist Society), noon: “”Knowledge, Democracy, and Property: How Protecting Property Rights Helps Us Make Smarter Decisions,” (with commentary by Prof. Jeffrey Stake).

February 22, University of San Diego, Center for the Study of Originalism, Originalism Works-in-Progress Conference, 11-12:15: “The Original Understanding of Public Use,” (with commentary by Judge Michael McConnell).

February 27, South Texas College of Law, Houston, TX (Federalist Society), 11-12:15 AM: “The Obamacare Decision and the Ongoing Struggle Over Constitutional Federalism” (with commentary by Prof. Josh Blackman).

February 27, University of Houston Law Center, Houston, TX (Federalist Society), 5-6:15 PM: “Democracy and Political Ignorance: Why Smaller Government is Smarter,” (presentation based on my recent published book of the same title).