I’ve been messing about with Yahoo Pipes recently, and (coupled with TwitterFeed) it has let me create specialized Twitter and Facebook feeds — @VolokhGuns, for instance, which has just our gun-related posts, but also individualized feeds for posts coming from some of our bloggers. (These individualized feeds haven’t yet been tied to their Twitter accounts, I think, but they should be in a few days.) My thinking is that this way people can subscribe to just their favorite categories of posts, institutions can add their professors’ posts to their Facebook or Twitter feeds, and so on.

But I’m afraid I’m not that knowledgeable about how social media is actually used, so I suspect I’m missing things that our readers could find helpful. So I thought I’d ask you folks for advice.

Are there any specialized RSS feeds, Twitter accounts, or perhaps (least understood by me) Facebook widgets of some sort that we could create, given that I now know how to extract particular kinds of posts from our RSS feed? Are there other sorts of social media feeds I should be thinking about?

For instance, would it be helpful to have a @VolokhSpeech feed, which will distribute just our free-speech-related posts? Is that the sort of thing that some people or organizations would somehow add to their own sites, thus bringing our posts to a wider audience? Or is it likely that those people who want to read our site on Twitter already do it via @VolokhC, and specialized feeds are unlikely to be helpful?

I’d love to hear recommendations from those of our readers who know this field better than I do.