The Supreme Court will hold oral argument in late April in two cases on searching a cell phone incident to arrest, United States v. Wurie and Riley v. California. In Wurie, the United States is the petitioner; in Riley, the petioner is a criminal defendant. The first-round merits briefs were recently filed, and I thought some VC readers might be interested in links to them. You can read the defendant’s brief in Riley here, and you can read the government’s brief in Wurie here.

I had originally hoped to author or contribute to an amicus brief about the technology of cell phones and cell phone forensics. My idea was to have a brief in favor of neither side that had no legal discussion but that gave the Justices as clear and accurate a sense as possible about the underlying technological issues. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen, for a range of reasons. But if my schedule permits, I may end up blogging about some of the technological questions anyway in the coming weeks.