Tablet Magazine, an online publication about Jewish culture, has an article today by Yair Rosenberg called “The Volokh Conspiracy Is Out To Get You—And Everyone in America.” It’s primarily about this blog, of course, and secondarily about Eugene’s life story and how he came to found the blog in 2002. Many of us are quoted there, including Ilya Somin, David Bernstein, Jonathan Adler, and former Conspirator Tyler Cowen. Here’s one quote, which I offer only because it’s the part that quotes me:

[A] significant influence on Volokh’s outlook—and that of several other contributors to the blog—has been the Soviet Jewish refugee experience. Having grown up in families that experienced firsthand the oppressive potential of untrammeled state power, these individuals naturally gravitated toward libertarianism, with its deep-rooted suspicion of government overreach. “Those of us who share that story share the same reason for why we became libertarian,” explained Sasha Volokh, now an associate professor at Emory Law School.

You can read the whole thing here.