Could a Fordham law professor be the next governor of New York?  That’s unlikely, but Professor Zephyr Teachout‘s campaign to deprive incumbent Governor Andrew Cuomo the endorsement of the liberal Working Families Party could complicate his re-election effort and dim his longer term political prospects, according to this NYT report.  Teachout is seeking the WFP nomination, arguing that Gov. Cuomo has been too solicitous of moneyed interests.  “Voters in New York want a real choice, and right now,” she told the Times, “with just [GOP candidate Rob] Astorino and Cuomo — they seem to just be fighting about who can give more tax breaks to the billionaires”  If Teachout is successful, it could siphon off votes from Cuomo.

 Here’s her campaign Web site and additional coverage from Salon.  (HT: Rick Hasen)