I will be on at least a partial hiatus from blogging during most of the month of July because I will be out of the country during that time. More specifically, I will be lecturing on property rights issues in Taiwan and China, where I have been invited to be a visiting lecturer by Zhengzhou University.

I am far from expert on Chinese law and politics. So this invitation came as a surprise. It came about because of my work on economic development condemnations, which are a major issue in China and some other Asian nations, as well as in the United States. Before going to China, I will also give two presentations in Taipei, Taiwan, including one at the Academia Sinica. I hope this trip will be a valuable learning experience.

If time permits, I may blog about my experiences in China and Taiwan while I am there, and possibly some other matters. But I probably won’t be blogging very much until I return. I trust that the other Conspirators will keep the reading public suitably entertained during my (partial) absence!