Here’s a transcript of Netanyahu’s remarks yesterday:  “As I’ve said many times, the United States has a right to defend itself against terrorist attacks from Al Qaeda. And as a result of its war in Afghanistan, and drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen, the United States has already done significant damage to Al Qaeda’s infrastructure. I’ve also said, however, that we have serious concerns about the rising number civilian deaths from drone strikes and the potential loss of American lives from terrorism. And that is why it now has to be our focus and the focus of the international community to bring about a cease-fire that ends the fighting and that can stop the deaths of innocent civilians.”

Admittedly, it seems strange for Netanyahu to be shedding what may appear to be crocodile tears over civilian casualties, but given that Hamas actually attacked and continued to attack Israel, it’s not nearly as hypocritical as if the United States, having killed or participated with Nato in the killing of thousands of civilians in Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, and Yemen, was doing the same.

UPDATE: Come on, folks. Of course Netanyahu isn’t going to say this, even though he’d be be making a sound point about the American government’s hypocrisy if he did. And if you had any doubt, the link in the post links to Obama’s ceasefire remarks, which are virtually the same as the remarks I attributed to Netanyahu, with just the names switched. But since this seems to be gaining some momentum on social media as an actual event, I’m adding a disclaimer.