Over the last year, I’ve grown interested in teaching Professional Responsibility, the law school course on ethics and legal practice. PR is a required course, and most students don’t look forward to taking it. But it seems to me that the material in such courses is both really interesting and hugely important. So here’s my question for current law students and recent law graduates who actually enjoyed their law school PR classes: What course materials did your professors use, and why did you find it enjoyable? What casebook was used, and why did you like it? Or, if no casebook was assigned, what was the assigned text?

To be clear, I’d prefer not hearing from those who didn’t enjoy their PR classes or didn’t like the assigned text. Instead, I want to hear from the folks who thought the class, and its text, was particularly good. What made the class click? What text do you recommend? If you could leave a comment in the thread below, I’d really appreciate it.