Mathew Staver, the dean of the ABA-accredited Liberty University School of Law in Virginia, is upset that Republicans aren’t saying and doing more to stop same-sex marriage. In an interview on a Christian radio program, he offered this observation:

I think from the political right, the Republicans and so forth, those that are Republican elected officials state and federal, those who remain silent will ultimately be held accountable just as much as Democrats who advocate to the contrary. This is not an issue in which you can remain silent any more than you can remain silent during Nazi Germany. That was a moral issue, it was not defined by geography, there was a moral imperative there of the dignity of the human being, you can’t remain silent there and expect no consequences. Nor can you remain silent or advocate to the contrary with regards to the undermining of marriage as a union of a man and a woman.

In the link, the discussion can be found beginning at about the 6:00 mark of the first mp3 segment.

The Supreme Court is currently considering whether to stay the Fourth Circuit’s decision to strike down Virginia’s ban on same-sex marriage.