The Oklahoman writes, apropos a resolution to the Holy replevin, Bat-wing-man! matter:

The Catholic Church on Thursday retrieved a communion wafer that a satanist planned to use in a “black Mass” next month at Civic Center Music Hall.
The wafer was turned over a day after Oklahoma City Archbishop Paul S. Coakley filed a lawsuit seeking its protection and restoration to the Church.
Without this sacred property, a Black Mass has absolutely no significance, so this group will not be able to hold its satanic ritual as planned….
We stared down the devil and he blinked.

From a statement from the Satanist leader Adam Daniels:

The reason for this return is based solely on the fact I refuse to waste thousands of dollars fighting over a nasty cookie that some man said a prayer over.
The Black Mass of Oklahoma will continue as planned with the original host that has been used since 1666, course black bread. We will moved forward using the Concentration found in Black Mass. Nothing has changed and we will still move forward with worshiping the Devil and blaspheming Gawd in the public square.

(I assume “Gawd” is in the original statement.)

From a reader:

Of course, … it could be the old cross and double-cross.

UPDATE: From the comments “I wish there were a way to work habeas corpus into this case” (BaMan). “I wish it had taken place in the diocese of Corpus Christi, Texas” (SykesFive).