The African-American Conservatives website has posted an audio interview that I did with them last week (my segment begins around 25:00 of the audio linked below, which was previously broadcast on Blogtalk radio):

Popular Politics Conservative Internet Radio with AACONS on BlogTalkRadio

The interview covers a wide range of issues, including different types of originalism and some ways in which federalism can promote liberty. The last part of the interview covers several issues I have written about on which conservatives and libertarians often disagree, including immigration, the War on Drugs, and police militarization. At the end, I outline some of the reasons why the poor – especially the minority poor – would benefit from ending the War on Drugs and demilitarization of law enforcement.

The first 25 minutes of the audio, which may also interest VC readers, is an interview with reporter Ronald Kessler, author of several well-known books about the CIA, the FBI, and the Secret Service.